Shell & Core

Shell and Core or base build is the first stage in any commercial construction project and is usually undertaken by the developer.

Whether a complete new build, demolition and re-build or an extension to your current premises all plans and applications will have to be submitted to local council and authorities to gain consent to proceed. This can often seem a daunting task but with FJBs experienced designers and architects at hand we can guide you through this process. Once the project hits site FJB have all the trades and expertise to get you out the ground, all you’re hard and soft landscaping established and your building envelope complete ready for your CAT A fit out.

shell and core

Cat A Fit Out

Category A fit out can largely vary depending on developer or landlord as there is no standard specification. Generally it includes the installation of all basic mechanical and electrical services, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, basic fire detection systems, plasterboard lining of perimeter walls, creation of core area with toilet facilities, raised access floors and suspended ceilings. Main areas are commonly kept as open plan as possible maximising the potential for incoming clients to design and install their CAT B fit out.

Our experience in this area allows us advise you on the best, most long wearing initial installations, ensuring that your building is safe and cost efficient. A category A fit out is the essential blank canvas from where your business space can grow.

Cat B Fit Out

Category B fit out is when your blank canvas comes to life and things start to get really exciting! Through your collaboration your new office will be tailor made to fit your company’s needs. This can include partitioning to create private office spaces, meeting/ board rooms, break out areas, tea points, fully functioning kitchens and canteens and jaw dropping reception areas that instantly make your company stand out from the rest. It will also include the re-routing of air conditioning, IT installation and infrastructure, Design and brand detailing, Additional electrical power points and specialist facilities, flooring, workstations and furniture.

As with all the stages in commercial construction up front detailed planning is essential to creating a space and environment that works for you, your employees and your clients. Our space design experts can provide you with thought provoking design analysis to ensure the most effective and efficient use of your office space. With this bespoke service we draw on our expertise to ensure that even the smallest detail is not overlooked. The style and culture of your business is embodied through the design of your new space without compromising the practicality of your new office.



It is always important to maintain and enhance your office/facility and its surroundings. General wear and tear is inevitable over time and can occur at any time day or night. If left unattended it can cause areas of your office/facility interior/exterior to deteriorate beyond repair and invalidate warranties. Regular maintenance can save you thousands of pounds when it comes to the end of a lease period. We can provide detailed maintenance plans of your facility and carry out any checks and maintenance at regular intervals.

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